SILVERMAN’s Guide to Food and Drink in Jersey City

Sure, it’s easy to find the best places to eat and drink in Jersey City with a quick Google search. But, what about what to order once you make your way to these beloved bars and restaurants? Not to worry, we’ve rounded up a handful of things to eat, drink and enjoy if you’re a newcomer to Jersey City (or looking for a replay of the classics).

Luna – Café Racer

279 Grove Street (located across from Charles & Co. / City Hall)

​Luna Bar & Restaurant is a neighborhood eatery in an old, refurbished bank that’s been transformed to offer a truly unique, rustic dining experience. The food and drink menus at Luna were intentionally crafted with a homemade feel and familiar tastes in mind. Nominated as 2021 Best Cocktail in Hudson County by Hoboken Girl, Luna’s take on an espresso martini combines vodka, Kahlua, vanilla and fresh espresso. Simply put, if you’re a fan of a classic espresso martini, you’ll want to add this to your list when visiting or moving to Jersey City.



Razza Artigianale  – Jersey Girl Margherita Pizza 

275 Grove Street (across from City Hall)

If you’ve googled “restaurants in Jersey City” or “pizza in Jersey City”, there’s no doubt that Razza has populated in your search results. Razza Artigianale, located at  275 Grove Street, is an intimate pizzeria specializing in wood-fired pies crafted by chef Dan Richer and his team. Why does this particular pizza, the Jersey Girl Margherita pie, make our list? Made with tomato sauce, basil, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, the Jersey Girl is finished with mozzarella from a NJ small business with the same namesake – Jersey Girl Cheese. It’s an upgraded take on their classic Margherita Pizza, and a major favorite in Jersey City.



Milk Sugar Love – Malted Cookie Ice Cream

29 McWilliams Place (located at Hamilton Square off Hamilton Park)

Chef-crafted ice cream? Yes, please. Chef Emma Taylor is the founder and owner of Milk Sugar Love, located at 29 McWilliams Place right off Hamilton Park. Some may call her a dessert connoisseur, while others might consider her a flavor mixologist. Milk Sugar Love’s menu is full of unique flavor combinations, but their fan-favorite (by a mile) is Malted Cookie Ice Cream – her take on cookie dough ice cream, made with malty, brown sugar ice cream and pieces of handmade, all butter Chocolate Chip cookies. 


Cangiano’s Fine Foods – Italian Sandwich 

 225 Pavonia Avenue (across from Park Francis)

Cangiano’s became a neighborhood staple, quite literally, instantly. From fresh baked desserts and breads daily to an extensive produce selection AND hot / cold food bars, Cangiano’s is the kind of foodie heaven where you can grocery shop, grab lunch AND dinner all in one place. While the Italian market has much to impress, their sandwich bar is often what draws the largest daily crowds. Order up anything (seriously, anything) on their sandwich menu and you’ll surely be satisfied.  

Photo by @hashtagfoodpic on Instagram. 



Hamilton Pork – Churro Ice Cream Sandwich 

247 10th Street 

Hamilton Pork is a Texas BBQ restaurant with a little Mexican flare. The star(s) of their menu are their smoked meats (smoked daily in-house) available prepared in any way you can imagine – straight up, in a taco, sandwich, and beyond. Their sides range from ooey, gooey mac and cheese to crispy brussel sprouts, but their dessert menu is where this next recommendation resides. The Hamilton Pork Churro Ice Cream Sandwich dessert is a true Jersey City treat. Once you try it, you’ll understand why it made the list.





Hamilton Inn – French Onion Soup Dumplings

708 Jersey Avenue (off Hamilton Park)

The Hamilton Inn is a snazzy stop for American fare such as burgers and seafood, been wine and specialty cocktails. Served in an escargot dish, these indulgent soup dumplings are drenched in onion soup and large bread pieces and then covered in melted swiss and provolone cheeses and broiled. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but, in this case, one bite is worth a thousand words.


Frankie – Natural Wine 

264 Grove Street (located at Charles & Co.)

Frankie is an Aussie-inspired restaurant and bar with a focus on fresh flavors and natural wine. Their menu, crafted by Chef Rowen McDermott is nourishing and fun, featuring simple combinations with bold flavor profiles and only the freshest, healthiest ingredients. Their all-natural focus wanders to their wine list, too. Frankie is known for offering largest collection of natural Aussie wines in New Jersey (and possibly New York). Natural wine is celebrated for its unique production process (little intervention or skin contact) and comes from organic and biodynamic farms. Stop in for a glass and a bite to eat!


O Kafe – Matcha Latte 

230 Pavonia Avenue (located at Hamilton Square off Hamilton Park)

O Kafe is a coffee shop situated on the corner of Hamilton Square across from Park Francis. Its ideal location for residents who live near Hamilton Park makes O Kafe a go-to for caffeine fiends. One item on their menu stands out above the rest – the Matcha Latte. Made with fresh matcha tea, the dairy (or non-dairy) of your choice and lots of love, the latte can be ordered iced or hot.


Klado – Brigadeiros (Brazilian Truffles)

230 Pavonia Avenue (located at Hamilton Square off Hamilton Park)

Having grown up in Brazil, brigadeiros were an integral part of owner Jen Prado’s life. At every celebration, Brigadeiros were front and center at the dessert table. This dessert shop sells the sweet treats she knew and loved as a little girl. Brigadeiros, pronounced “Bri·ga·DAY·rows”, isa cross between fudge and a truffle. It has a creamy, velvety center with a crunchy outside. Each brigadeiro is handmade in small batches and delicately rolled in an array of toppings. They’re the perfect quick treat to pop in your mouth on a stroll through Hamilton Park.




Rumba Cubana – Croquetas 

235 Pavonia Avenue (located at Park Francis off Hamilton Park)

Rumba Cubana has locations throughout New Jersey, but their Jersey City location is especially vibrant with outdoor seating right off Hamilton Park. Rumba Cubana is a restaurant and bar offering traditional Cuban cuisine and drinks. Everything on their menu is delicious, but their ham and cheese croquetas (croquettes) are a must, great as a snack, and perfect if you’re choosing to knock off all items on this list in a day.




New Thanh Hoai – Summer Rolls 

235 Pavonia Avenue (located at Park Francis off Hamilton Park)

This Vietnamese restaurant is great for dining in, but delivers wonderfully, too. New Thanh Hoai has a massive menu and fanbase, but is an especially important place to recognize on this list as they aren’t quite as visible online. They aren’t on social media! This locals only spot is known for their authenticity, and their summer rolls (available veggie, shrimp, or pork).

Photo by @heynicoleraye.



Uncle Momo’s – Hummus and Pita

289 Grove Street (located across from City Hall) 

Uncle Momo brings a mix of Lebanese and French cuisine to the heart of Jersey City’s downtown neighborhood. The restaurant prides itself on offering a fusion of quality dishes, all handmade using only natural and fresh ingredients in a neighborhood atmosphere.The restaurant makes everything in house, including its signature hummus and freshly baked pita bread, rolled and baked in front of their guests. While there are many local restaurants that have hummus on their pita, Uncle Momo is the one to try.



Hudson Hall – Haus Wings

235 Pavonia Avenue (located at Park Francis off Hamilton Park)

If you are searching for information about Hudson Hall via Google, you’ll quickly see that they describe themselves as “an Eastern European beer hall dropped in the middle one of the greatest up and coming cities in the USA.” As if you need further convincing, Hudson Hall is known for their menu comprised primarily of smoked meats. Their “haus” wings are a city-wide favorite and available in three unique preparations: smoked, dry rub, or buffalo. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

Photo by @alissalauriellc.





Since 1981, SILVERMAN has worked diligently to help Jersey City become a destination…the perfect place to work, live and dream. Founded by brothers Eric and Paul, the company had a vision for the abandoned factories and rundown buildings scattered throughout Jersey City’s waterfront and downtown. While driving through the Paulus Hook neighborhood, they spotted a fire-damaged apartment building with a collapsed roof. Following a complete renovation, all fifteen apartments were rented within three weeks by those drawn to the attention to detail and luxurious lifestyle SILVERMAN provides their residents. Since then, SILVERMAN has created over 1,000 residences and over 500,000 square feet of commercial and light industrial space, translating to thousands of jobs and new homes. What started 40 years ago as an architectural vision for Jersey City’s downtown has grown into a deep affection for its diverse, dynamic residents. SILVERMAN is a company comprised of caring and friendly people, proud of the roots established in 1981, which continues its tradition of building Jersey City’s best collection of apartments, stores, offices and schools.

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