Meet Matt & MaryClaire: College Sweethearts and Charles & Co. Residents

SILVERMAN residents aren’t your average residents. They wave hello to whoever’s passing by. They support local businesses. They seek out their neighbors, with the intention of forming friendships. We’re proud of the neighborhoods that have sprouted where we’ve planted seeds, and we want to highlight the neighbors that make our communities especially special. 

This month, we’re highlighting Matt McGriff & MaryClaire Pelletier – college sweethearts, young working professionals, new pet parents to their puppy Kaiya and SILVERMAN residents. Read on to learn more about this couple who has called Charles & Co. home since 2018. 


About Matt and MaryClaire 

Matt McGriff & MaryClaire Pelletier met back in college (Hobart and William Smith in Geneva, New York) when he was a football player and she played soccer. Matt, who was born and raised in South Orange, works for a commercial real estate research company and is currently getting his Masters degree. Matt regularly spends his 9-to-5 at Andco, the co-working space located right in Charles & Co. on the same floor as the SILVERMAN offices. 

MaryClaire, like her other half, is also going for her Masters to advance her career in the medical world. “MC”, as friends call her, is a Physician Assistant at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. She grew up in Massachusetts, but is “so proud” to call Jersey City home now. 

Years ago, before MaryClaire began her role as a Physician Assistant, she worked with an organization called Woza Soccer, run by founder Kate Silverman, which offered financially accessible international summer service trips to high school soccer players. Recognize the name? Kate happens to be SILVERMAN Co-Founder Paul Silverman’s daughter. 

After working with Kate, MaryClaire was introduced to another opportunity through the SILVERMAN connection. Even before becoming a Charles & Co. resident, MC completed a clinical rotation as a PA student at Tribeca Pediatrics, a SILVERMAN Tenant, for her university rotation while getting her Graduate Degree. 


Making Moves to Jersey City 

After graduating from college, Matt lived for a short while in Hoboken. MaryClaire would frequently visit his apartment there, but they often found themselves biking to Jersey City to enjoy a bite to eat. 

In 2018, when Matt and MaryClaire decided it was time to move in together, they looked far and wide in the NY/NJ area for the perfect home. From Hoboken to Weehawken to Manhattan to Queens, nothing was striking them as a good fit for their first joint apartment. 

On top of their love of the JC food scene, Matt’s family roots in Jersey City was another reason they felt naturally pulled to Jersey City. Growing up, Matt spent many summers in Greeneville visiting his cousins or attending a family reunion. Coincidentally, his father’s side of the family were born and raised in Jersey City, later moving to East Orange and then South Orange, where Matt grew up. He even has a relative with a claim to fame in Jersey City! Matt’s cousin, Wilfred ”Blue“ Lovett was the bassist for popular Jersey City R&B group, “The Manhattans” back in the day. 

While they hadn’t originally been seeking apartments in Jersey City, it felt as if the universe was almost yearning for them to call “Chilltown USA” home. They were looking for a community with great people, great restaurants and great culture – so they decided to settle in Jersey City. 


Say No More with SILVERMAN

But, how did Matt and MaryClaire make it to Charles & Co. after deciding Jersey City was the place? 

While on a clinical rotation in Nantucket, MaryClaire bumped into Paul Silverman after work at a bar & restaurant in the area. He was enjoying a meal with friends while on an annual trip and thrilled to run into a familiar face. MC mentioned that her and Matt were looking to settle down together, and, instantly, Paul knew the perfect apartment for them. 

MaryClaire came home and told Matt the story of her encounter with Paul. He immediately looked up the apartment and the location of the building it was in. He immediately turned to MaryClaire and said, “you’re telling me, the owner of SILVERMAN Building has an apartment on hold for us, smack in the middle of downtown Jersey City?” He couldn’t believe their luck, which isn’t really luck. They would later learn that this was the SILVERMAN way – treating everyone they meet like family. 

When Matt and MaryClaire passed Van Vorst Park and pulled up to Charles & Co., they knew this was it. While touring the building and unit in discussion, Matt ran into the mother of an old friend of his from 10+ years past. Vanessa gave them a wonderful tour, and Paul checked in to make sure the process was going smoothly. It all felt so natural and right to the elated couple. 

They signed the lease and, fast forward 2 years later, Matt and MaryClaire are still happy, healthy, and at home at Charles & Co.


Their Resident Experience 

When asked their favorite part about being a SILVERMAN resident, Matt and MaryClaire let out a sigh. “Where to start?” MaryClaire joked. “It feels unfair to say that the staff is the best EVER, but they’re the best ever,” Matt admitted. The couple agreed that the people who work with, at, and for SILVERMAN are what make it such a special company. It’s absolutely what makes them love Charles & Co. as much as they do. 

In early April of 2020, when residents were forced to stay indoors due to a national pandemic, Matt and MaryClaire said they couldn’t have felt safer. “We nearly had an open door policy, safely waving hello and chatting from our the hall, with our amazing neighbors. It is so relieving knowing that we are all here for each other, no matter what is going on outside,” Matt explained. Whenever it’s time to renew their lease, Matt and MaryClaire always agree that they’re unwilling to move because they don’t want to give up the sense of community that comes with being a SILVERMAN Resident. “You can find amenities anywhere, but you can’t find relationships,” MaryClaire stated. Matt continued, “You get a feeling when you’re here that you just don’t feel at the other buildings we toured.”

Something else that MaryClaire specifically appreciated was SILVERMAN’s commitment to making sure new residents feel connected. The couple raved about their first “SILVERMAN Dinner” at Frankie, where they met many of their neighbors who have since become friends. Matt and MaryClaire enjoy attending the virtual programs that have recently been offered to residents, as well. 


A City to Call Theirs 

Since first moving to the neighborhood in 2018, Jersey City has become an even more special place to the couple. Matt and MaryClaire appreciate that beyond their SILVERMAN Building experience, Jersey City, even for a big city, offers a small town, neighborly feel. 

The city’s great diversity is another reason the couple is so proud to live here, and it’s something that MC recognized she never had in a hometown before. “It feels to me that Jersey City holds up to the standards of what America is supposed to stand for,” Matt admitted. Walking downtown and seeing all sorts of businesses, cuisines, and friendly faces isn’t something they take for granted. 

Curious where they like to spend their time outside of their apartment the most? The Archer, Hudson Hall, Light Horse Tavern / Lobster Garage and Taqueria are just a few of their favorite places to eat and drink. They also love exploring our local parks (they just recently became pet parents!) and playing tennis at any court in Jersey City that will take them. They just recently got a dog, and 

Matt and MaryClaire see many more years of Jersey City in their future, and we’re proud that they’ve decided to call Charles and Co home. Thanks for being such stellar SILVERMAN Residents! 


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