Jersey City is quickly becoming N.J.’s pizza capital, but where should you eat?

Okay, New York Times, we get it. You’re enamored by Jersey City pizza.

First it was Razza, which the newspaper said in 2017 had the best pizza in New York — even though it’s in Jersey City.

Not sure if that’s flattery or just geographical confusion, but we took it as a compliment. Either way, we named it the No. 1 restaurant in Jersey City this spring, so we aren’t exactly disagreeing.

But now, the Times made the trek all the way to the Jersey City Heights to check out Bread & Salt, the pizzeria that has been turning heads since it opened this summer. Its two-star review seemed to spur the line out the door on Wednesday night.

Bottom line: Both make some damn good pizza. But let’s say you’re heading to Jersey City for a night and can only pick one restaurant to try? We decided to break it down with a full tale of the tape — pound for pound, pie for pie.


Bread & Salt: 435 Palisade Ave., Jersey City Heights.

Razza: 275 Grove St., Downtown Jersey City.

The pepperoni pizza at Razza.

The pepperoni pizza at Razza.

Pizza style

Bread & Salt: Roman, square slices. Thicker than your typical slice, but thinner than Sicilian.

Razza: Neapolitan, wood-fired round individual pies. On the chewier, floppier side.

Head chef

Bread & Salt: Rick Easton, James Beard Award semifinalist from Pittsburgh.

Razza: Dan Richer, James Beard Award semifinalist from Matawan, and Rutgers graduate.

When they opened

Bread & Salt: Summer 2019.

Razza: Winter 2013.

What The New York Times says

Bread & Salt: The crust is noticeably lightweight when you pick it up, an impression that is confirmed by the mouth and, later, the stomach. The interior is honeycombed with air pockets. The underside of each slice is strong enough to carry a relatively heavy load of toppings without bending or collapsing.”

Razza: Like every pie I’ve eaten at Razza, these two had been put together with exquisite sensitivity to the needs of the dough. The crust had no soggy or underbaked patches, and the bottom surface was crisp all the way from the puffy outer lip to the inner tip, which would jut straight out, or nearly straight, when I picked up a slice. When I tore open the outer rim, the crust crackled and the white interior steamed, soft, somewhat springy, with a slow-building, many-layered, lively flavor underlined by sea salt.”

New York Times’ stars

Bread & Salt: Two

Razza: Three

Bread & Salt

Jeremy Schneider | NJ Advance Media for

The margherita pizza (top) and rossa pizza (bottom) at Bread & Salt in Jersey City.

Signature pies

Bread & Salt: Margherita (tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil) and Rossa (tomato sauce, no cheese). It might seem counterintuitive, but the simplicity of the Rossa was our favorite, as the sweetness of the tomato shined through and the more substantial texture was perfect.

Razza: Margherita (tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil, sea salt and California extra virgin olive oil) and Burrata (tomato sauce, burrata, garlic and basil). Never had burrata? It’s mozzarella’s creamier, more interesting cousin. Do yourself a favor and try it.

Wildest pizza

Bread & Salt: Concord grape pizza with black pepper and rosemary.

Razza: The Zucca, with fresh mozzarella, summer squash, ricotta and lemon.

Ranking in The Daily Meal’s Top 101 Pizzas

Bread & Salt: 55

Razza: 3

Number of seats

Bread & Salt: 25

Razza: 40

Alcohol situation

Bread & Salt: BYOB. Bring your favorite bottle of wine and get cozy.

Razza: Full bar. The Golden Door cocktail, with bourbon, lemon and honey, is a must.

Grapes and sausage, Bread & Salt

Jeremy Schneider | NJ Advance Media for

The sausage and grapes at Bread & Salt in Jersey City.

Non-pizza dish you have to try

Bread & Salt: Sausage and grapes. A wild combination of sweet and savory, with an incredibly tender and flavorful sausage paired with warm grapes.

Razza: Bread and butter. Worth the six bucks. Trust me.

Wait time

Bread & Salt: It depends on the length of line at the counter, but at busiest around 40 minutes.

Razza: Routinely an hour, sometimes two on the weekend.

Perfect for…

Bread & Salt: Trying a bunch of different types of pizza, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Razza: A dinner that feels fancier and more exclusive than the bill would suggest.

Biggest pro

Bread & Salt: Less wait time.

Razza: Menu consistency and ambiance.

Biggest con

Bread & Salt: The variability of the menu, while exciting, may mean they run out of what you came to get.

Razza: Routinely long wait time.

The verdict

This is like asking a parent which pizza child they love the most. You should try them both! And as we stated above, each eatery shines in different areas. Looking for a fancy night out and not afraid to wait? Check out Razza. Just trying to get in and out, and not afraid to try some unique pizzas? Bread & Salt is for you. But the bottom line? Razza’s pizza is more memorable, and the dining experience, with some of the best ambiance and service in New Jersey, gives it a slight edge in our book.

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