From Alexander, Resident at Hamilton Square

As a resident of Hamilton Square for more than two years, I can not imagine a more desirable building to live in or a better community to be a part of. The units were intentionally designed for livability (large, open spaces; ample closets and storage; efficient use of space; etc.) and well constructed (which is rare find for new construction in Hudson County). Great attention was devoted to selecting stylish, low maintenance and durable finishes. For example, my only repair request in two years was a lazy shower diverter made by Kohler; a replacement was installed within hours. I must recognize the efforts of both the Silvermans for their devotion to style, quality and community. As well as their very capable and trustworthy management team who share the same enthusiasm for the building and the community within.
From my perspective, the top three selling points for Hamilton Square are: (1) its location, (2) living on the park, and (3) the rooftop deck.
First, Hamilton Square is situated only two blocks from the Holland Tunnel and within a half mile of either PATH station, Grove Street or Pavonia/Newport. I can be in various neighborhoods of Manhattan in less than 30 minutes. When meeting friends who live in the City for dinner, I particularly enjoy beating them to the restaurant in the Village or TriBeCa. Additionally, having lived in Hoboken and other parts of Jersey City for the past decade, by comparison my commute in the morning is significantly improved by Hamilton Square’s proximity to highways and the tunnel.
Second, living on the park is an absolute joy. My third floor, west facing apartment has a direct view of the tree line which serves as a backdrop to my dwelling space. I literally feel at times that I live in the park. When my windows are open I get a breeze and faint sounds from people enjoying the park. It’s delightful.
Third, the rooftop deck. Whether you want to barbeque dinner midweek, quietly read and lounge in solitude, host a group of friends for cocktails, or mingle with your neighbors, the rooftop seems to accommodate all these interests. It is a priceless amenity to feel like you are home without being couped up in your apartment.
Much has been said for Jersey City’s emergence on the waterfront. To compare Jersey City to Hoboken is to not understand the significant differences in character between the two. To state that Jersey City is up and coming is also inaccurate. Neighborhoods like Hamilton Park are well established. Hamilton Square helped strengthen the roots of this community as one of the most beautiful and livable within an earshot of New York City.

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