Arrival of the Angels

Hamilton Square Condominium Art Opening on May 12, 2021 – “The Arrival Expressions of Nohi”

SILVERMAN and the Hamilton Square Condominium Association is proud to present the latest art opening:


Curated by Kristin J. DeAngelis


Please join us for the Virtual Exhibition Opening. Details below!

  • Day: Wednesday, May 12, 2021
  • Time: 6-8pm
  • Location: Zoom link will be provided to registered guests the afternoon of the opening
Register HERE for the Virtual Exhibition Opening. 

The “The Arrival Expressions of Nohi” exhibition will be on view at SILVERMAN’s The Hamilton Square Condominiums
through the end of August 2021 during regular business hours and by appointment. The Hamilton Square
Condominiums building is located at 232 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07302. To schedule a viewing, please
contact curator, Kristin J. DeAngelis: (201) 280-4821 or [email protected].

“The Arrival Expressions of Nohi” at Hamilton Square’ is the sixteenth exhibition that curator Kristin J. DeAngelis has
organized for SILVERMAN. For additional information on the curator, please visit:

More About The Exhibit and Artist

The Arrival
Timeless, seamless and interconnected,
we stand together at the rainbow bridge. Holding one another.
Being one another.
Being in Union intertwined in the tapestry of life. Answers only to be revealed to those who seek, and are ready for their
true arrival.

Painted expressions of Nohi have the potential to heal and awaken dormant aspects of one’s DNA at a subconscious
level for the ones who are willing to be enveloped by these color-, sound- and light-coded messages that live beyond.
Nohi (Vidhi Mehrotra) grew up in a culturally rich household in India where Sufi and Hindustani classical music echoed
through the halls and colorful textiles adorned the walls. Nohi was inspired at a very young age by the artistic world
which surrounded her. The quintessential rich color palette and textural quality of the Indian textile, in addition to a deep
appreciation for classical and Sufi music nurtured by her family, are also an inextricable part of the work she creates
today. She is also a ceramist and a yoga instructor.

Curator, Kristin J. DeAngelis met Nohi several years ago through a common friend. She visited her studio and was
enraptured by the music that she heard in her mind when observing her work. She was completely taken by the colors
and movement. This is the second time curator and artist have worked together. The first being International Women at
107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace in 2019.

Nohi’s paintings are in private collections in Istanbul, New York City, New Jersey and Delhi. She is a recipient
of many grants including the 2017 Xavier Gonzalez and Ethel Edwards Travel Grant. Nohi had her first solo show at
Monmouth Museum, NJ, in 2018. She was recently featured in the documentary “Dialogues with Zuleyha,” in which she
paints live in a healing workshop held in Selcuk, Turkey, while a pianist plays music to heal the audience.

For additional information on the artist, please visit her website or email [email protected]
for more details about the paintings. Instagram: @abstract.eon.
Image Credit:  “Arrival of the Angels” by Nohi, 2019, 60″ x 64″, Acrylic on Canvas, @abstract.eon
Image Courtesy: Dipesh Mehra

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